Removable table for boats. It consists of three parts to be assembled together: two carbon pedestals to be fixed to the floor and a table top to be fixed on the legs. It is stored in a fabric bag for easy stowage onboard. It is easy to stow, quick to install, light to be handled. The locking system is a Seasmart innovation, patent pending. Two versions availables:

1 - complete, with white powder coated aluminium top. Two dimensions availables 70x60 (28"x24") and 86x60 (34"x24").
2 - just the fitting: pedestals, terminals and hinges, without table top.


rt7060.dxf (.26 MB)
rt8660.dxf (.26 MB)
rt_table-top.pdf (.05 MB)
table_datasheet.pdf (1.68 MB)